10 Tips For a Happy Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are known for their loyalty, smarts, and snug-ability. If you want to keep your pup happy, read these 10 tips!

1. Retrievers love to roll in packs, so get them some buddies fast!

2. Letting your Golden Retriever have the spent ice cream container is okay once in a while.

3. Farya’s parents make sure he is dressed to kill – especially since he looks just like Tom Petty.

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4. All Goldie parents should follow suit.

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5. Make sure your Golden Retriever gets to be cool, just like Ricky.

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6. Retrievers definitely need their time to snuggle and nap.

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7. Even if it means adding lots of toys and lovies to the mix, like Darcy here.

8. Don’t forget to celebrate your Goldie’s birthday – they’re worth it!

Happy 5th birthday to The Big Guy! (Yes, that’s a ?) #spoiled #sugarbear #johnnycavi #goldenretriever

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9. And involve the pack in all fun-related activities in the family.

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10. Follow all of these tips, and you’ll have the happiest Golden Retriever of all time!

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