13 Fashion-Forward Boxers Who Should Have Modeling Contracts

Boxers may not seem like the most dapper of dog breeds, but they actually take their personal style very seriously.

1. Dexter is modeling a designer pair of work boots, meant for men who have never really worked.

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2. Draco is channeling his Slytherin destiny ala Britney Spears.

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3. “Actually, carrying two balls in your mouth is super chic.”

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4. “I call this look, ‘The Dude.’”

5. This boxer is getting ready for festival season, can’t wait for Coachella.

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6. Mr. Brooklyn is modeling the latest in outer ware for boxers in cold climates.

7. Bronx the boxer’s image is inspired by the late Tupac Shakur.

8. “See, this outfit is more casual yet shows I am kind of interested in what you’re saying.”

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9. Dre is going through a bit of a floppy hat phase, but in a cool way.

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10. Boozer wears this crown because he actually IS the king.

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11. This boxer could easily be a part-time model.

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12. Apollo is rocking the ever-popular “E.T. Look.”

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13. See all you beautiful boxers at Fashion Week!

Rachelle Gordon

Rachelle Gordon is a Minneapolis based writer and lover of all things dog. Rachelle is the mother of Fonzie, a Jack Russel Terrier. Check out Rachelle-Gordon.com for more of her work.

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