14 Photos That Prove Dobermans Are Just Like You!

1. When an occasion calls for it, we bet you clean up real nice… so do Dobermans.

2. Like you, sometimes Dobermans can’t hide their excitement.

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3. No matter who you are, getting a package in the mail always brightens your day.

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4. When someone says, “Say Cheese” … you do what you’re told, and so do they (sometimes – other times it may just be a perfectly timed photo).

5. Motivation can come, and motivation can go… it’s a vicious cycle that haunts us all.

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6. And we all love snuggling in bed.

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7. When you need a pick-me-up, what do you do? Ok, maybe you don’t put a tiara on – but we all have our rituals.

8. When you want to be heard, you raise your voice… so do Dobermans.

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9. Who doesn’t love Bacon?

10. This is where we prove to you that Dobermans are also just like your small children and cats.

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11. Dobermans want to meet and shake hands with Kevin Hart.

12. Everyone loves the clean feeling after a bath or shower – but this is something us humans and our Doberman friends express differently.

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13. We get excited for meal time – they get excited to watch you enjoy your meal: one in the same.

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14. Sometimes… your crazy side shows – right?

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See? Dobermans – they’re just like you.


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