15 Things Only a Weimaraner Parent Would Understand

1. Goofy over grace… 

My friend's goofy Weimaraner


2. The feeling that you have a canine shaped shadow

3. How they all think they’re human…


4. …maybe a little too often

5. Their required hourly snuggle sessions

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6. When the constant attention you give still isn’t enough

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7. Did we mention goofy already… 

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8. …Because even their grace is a little goofy

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9. How their hunting genetics can kick in at the drop of a hat

10. That their eyes are supremely hypnotizing…

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11. …yup still hypnotized. 

12. How sometimes they take their appetite a little far…

13. …WAY too far.

Image result for weimaraner dog shaming

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14. How the’re always good for a smile…


15. …and a best friend for life


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