16 Boxers Convinced They’re Legit Humans

People claim their dogs think they’re human all the time – but these Boxers really take the cake!

1. This guy is always involved in the conversation – especially when the topic is food or smells.

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2. “I’m ready, let’s get going!”

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3. “Hey now, that’s close enough to my new baby.”

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4. This Boxer is in charge of all babysitting decisions.

5. These two dogs have legit driving licenses, so they say…

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6. “Wait, wait…are you saying I’m NOT a person??”

7. “Oh, hahahah I KNEW you were kidding!”

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8. These Boxers are totally humans; dogs would NEVER dress up like famous robots.

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9. Gunner’s feelings are exactly the same; he’s wearing shades!

10. Rodgers doesn’t think he’s a human – he knows it.

11. What other dog do you know that nervously goes to pick his prom date up?

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12. “I’m allowed in a big box home improvement store. What do you say to that?!”

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13. I think we all know who the big Kahuna is around here.

14. “I can’t wait to get to Grandma’s house!”

15. “Excuse me, I said no photos!”

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16. Okay, this Boxer actually IS Lil’ Wayne.

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