10 Signs You Love Your Golden Retriever… Too Much


Sharing your coffee has become second nature

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They’ve effectively commandeered your bed

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You got them hiking boots. Because why not, obviously?

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And they have the warmest winter coat


They make their way into every part of your life, including your morning coffee

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Birthday parties are a must

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Including cake, of course


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Shelling out a little cash for a portrait isn’t even a question in your mind

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You always make sure they look their very best


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And you’re there for anything they need, even if that means being a human flotation device


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Brooke Hoese

4 thoughts on “10 Signs You Love Your Golden Retriever… Too Much

  1. Chris Miklas says:

    These are very true, although i may not have all of those for my sweet girl, I definitely spoil her. Love her sooooo much.

  2. Gail says:

    We are so blessed, we have two goldens Ralph and Hope. We often joke we live in a giant dog house. They really are family members, people with fur coats. Nothing but bundles of love and joy. Life just wouldn’t be the same without them.

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