14 Ways Boxers ALWAYS Lend A Helping Paw!

1. These Boxer brothers will help haul any items you want!

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2. “Here’s that tablespoon of butter you need for the quiche.”

3. This Boxer always makes the bed first thing in the morning.

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4. “Don’t worry, you don’t need that security alarm!”

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5. Leia has a scrub brush, so forget about dirty toilets!

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6. Boxers will always throw birthday parties for you.

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7. “No sweat, I’ll handle your phone while you paint your nails.”

8. Buddha the Boxer specializes in yard work and landscaping

9. This Boxer prefers assisting with hanging the holiday lights

10. “Do you need me to pack anything else for you, mom?”

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11. This Boxer will help you through your schoolwork.

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12. This one will fetch you a nice, cold beer.

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13. Boxers will even make you breakfast!

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14. “I found that ball you like so much!”

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