Shelter Dog Separated From Pups Pampered on Mother’s Day

Sometimes our canine companions deserve to be spoiled just as much as we are. For this dog, that day was Mother’s Day. Maye, a shelter dog from Atlanta, was picked up this past Mother’s day by shelter volunteer Nancy Riley-James. Riley-James noticed from the dog’s underside that Maye recently had a litter. According to The Dodo Riley-James […]

Golden Retrievers

Golden Loves to Sit on Roof

Every dog seems to have its own lovable little quirks, but Huckleberry’s are a little “higher” up than most. Huckleberry, a Golden Retriever from Austin, Texas spends his days relaxing on top his family’s roof. After a number of neighbors and joggers posted their fascination with Huck, the pooch went viral and now has nearly […]


Huskies Argue Over Who Made Mess

There’s a reason many couples opt to get a dog before having kids. Sometimes the parallels are just too much. Take these two Huskies for example: Dakota and Phoenix’s dad came home to find a bit of a mess involving an important piece of mail torn up and strewn about the hallway. Instead of taking […]