Case of the Mondays? These 13 Dogs Feel Your Pain!

1. After snoozing the alarm clock 3 times, and being forced to decide if you can get away with it just one more time.

2. Monday has its very own, unique getting-out-of-bed routine.

3. Wasn’t it just Sunday like, 2 minutes ago?

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4. How you want to look at people who can be so chipper on a Monday morning. What’s wrong with you?

5. Waiting for that first cup of coffee to brew can take foorreeevveeerrr.

6. “Good Morning? … GOOD MORNING?! What’s so good about it?”

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7. Calling in sleepy…um, I mean sick.

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8. Thinking about all the awesome, sometimes questionable things you did over the weekend.

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9. When you try really hard to look happy that you’re awake and where you are.

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10. Sometimes you just have to work from home … especially on Mondays.

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11. Getting home after a long Monday and feeling proud you made it through.

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12. When your whole crew hates Monday as much as you do.

13. Monday, in a nutshell.


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