13 Dobermans Who Understand the Struggle is Real

It’s not always easy being a Doberman. You’re a big dog, you tip stuff over sometimes, and you may even feel the need to nap 20 hours a day. But these 13 Dobermans absolutely understand the real struggle.

This Doberman may not be fully grown, but he gets that this chair is not real leather.

Duke the Doberman only gets THREE cushions! It’s terrible.

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“Just because I’m big does not mean I am your play thing!!”

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This Doberman has his eye on you – he knows what you’re really up to.

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“You’re really going to make me sit for a photo with this hat before I can just eat the meat?!”

All this Doberman really wants is more…is there more in there?

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“I am only doing this because you rank ahead of me…and give me biscuits.”

Mojo and Riley had to wear faux cashmere…so unfair.

“I’m a dog, not a reindeer! Stop patronizing me!”

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“Mooooommmm, stop making me wear dumb sweaters for your social media…”

This Doberman struggles with the internal thought that she may never find a stick this big again.

“I haven’t received a treat in nearly an hour!”

“Aww…I still love you guys. But seriously, about the treats…”

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Rachelle Gordon

Rachelle Gordon is a Minneapolis based writer and lover of all things dog. Rachelle is the mother of Fonzie, a Jack Russel Terrier. Check out Rachelle-Gordon.com for more of her work.

5 thoughts on “13 Dobermans Who Understand the Struggle is Real

  1. Nikki saunders says:

    As mentioned the post from distinct girl is not her photo she has stolen it from @cutieandthebeast please edit your article to give the correct credit.

  2. Karch Hewitt says:

    Meet Karch-
    I’m a dobie that faced a very uncertain life, born into the life of a bait dog, trained to fight.
    I was returned twice to the doberman rescue of Wisconsin because I was far to much to handle. Jim & Erin said “NO WAY!”
    My brother before me set the records: he stood 34 1/2″ at the shoulder (by far the largest dobie EVER measured!) . I’m just a baby at 100 lbs but loved beyond belief. I compound fractured my leg after my parents adopted me 10 days earlier. This happened 1 day before my pet insurance kicked in. They told my mom and dad that it would be $6,000-$8,000 to fix my leg?
    They said: “FIX OUR PUPPY!!”
    Today, I’m on Fire! I run like a pup, enjoy the lake & fishing, play with other dogs like a buddy, rescue baby rabbit’s and my buddy at home is the 14 year old cat they said I would attack?
    Dobie’s ate amazing. Believe in me…I will trust you, love you and AMAZE YOU!

  3. Karch Hewitt says:

    By the way-
    You can follow me at FB! My dad helped me put together a Facebook page for Karch Hewitt!
    (My age is wrong since I have to be 18 to have one).
    I have more friends across the planet though…Just sayin- I’M ONE FINE PUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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