About Bullymake Boxes

A Bullymake Box is a monthly delivery of the best toys and treats on the market specifically tailored for heavy chewing dogs!

Yes, we can cater to your dog(s)’ allergy needs. On the checkout screen, there is an “Additional Information” section. Select your allergy preferences and we will take care of it!

There sure is! In the “Allergy Preferences” drop down menu on the CHECKOUT page (same page where you enter your card information), select the “toys only” option.  You will receive 4 toys per month and no treats.

Yes! Contact customercare@bullymake.com or our live chat after your purchase and we can adjust your shipment frequency to whatever you’d like!

At the checkout screen, there is an “Additional Information” section. Select your dog’s current weight.  As you dog grows, please call, e-mail, or text us to update his or her weight!

We send 5-6 super premium toys and treats every month. The toys are long lasting chew toys. The toys are all heavy duty in nature and will last throughout the month.

During the checkout process, you will specify your dog’s weight. We then select the best toys suited for him/her every month!

We do this by asking for your dog’s weight during the checkout process. Our customer’s have dogs ranging from puppies to Mastiffs to Great Danes. Each month, you receive toys specifically catered to your dog’s size.

All prices are in US Dollars.

If your dog destroys any toy sent within 14 days of receipt of your shipment, simply take a picture. If the toy qualifies as destroyed, we ship you a new toy FOR FREE!

Contact customer care!  We will switch you over with a couple clicks of a mouse!

Of course! Use coupon code: Bullymake5 for $5.00 off your first box!

Simple! Just click here and get your checkout process going.

Simple! contact us at customercare@bullymake.com or use the live chat messaging feature in the bottom right hand side of the screen.


Billing Questions

Please contact live chats and we will update it for you! Alternatively, email customer care over at customercare@bullymake.com.

We accept any and all credit and debit cards on our website. If you have an issue completing the checkout process, contact us via live chat or customercare@bullymake.com! 

We automatically renew all subscriptions to ensure that your dog doesn’t miss his/her next Bullymake Box!

You will be renewed on the same day of the month you purchased your first Bullymake Box. For example, if you purchased a 3-month plan on March 2nd, 2014, you will be renewed on July 2nd, 2014.

The renewal process is automatic for all subscriptions! This is stated on our product pages, but it is often overlooked! If you need any help, please contact us.



Shipping Questions

We ship for free within the USA! Shipping to Canada costs an additional $8.00/month

You will receive tracking information via email at the time of shipment! You can also track your shipments in the “my account” area!

We ship via USPS, so if you have a P.O. box, be sure to use that as your shipping address.

Easy! Manage your address in the “My account” area or contact us at customer care and we can update it for you.

Bullymake Boxes are shipped the next business day after your order. Then they are shipped every 30 days after your first shipment date! We do not ship on weekends, however, so if your 30 day mark lands on a weekend then we will generally ship prior to that mark.

Once your box has shipped, you will be e-mailed a tracking code to the e-mail you used during the checkout process. If you have any further questions, please contact customercare@bullymake.com or our live chat!

You will receive an e-mail in your inbox containing a tracking number when shipped.  It will be sent to the email address you utilized to checkout.

If your questions aren’t answered above, e-mail us at customercare@bullymake.com for a prompt response!



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