Is Your Dog a POWER CHEWER? Find Out.

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96 thoughts on “Is Your Dog a POWER CHEWER? Find Out.

  1. James says:

    My dog is like a two year old everything goes in the mouth I’m worried she is going to get poisoned by something or someone friendly is one thing but journey is to friendly

  2. Patti says:

    My guy is almost 2 plays tug w/ my 1 yr pit….rips all stuffed animals….company called Star makes toys tht have treats inside of them…. very expensive as it takes 9 minutes to finish all!! It supposedly to keep occupied….. Can’t keep up or afford these… Ropes twisted or what ever tied has them in pieces!! I’ve stopped using them as don’t feel healthy eating ropes….. Out of ideas…. even tennis balls rather eat them! Loved soft rubber balls…. hasn’t eaten them yet!! Any ideas ?? TYIA

    • Anonymous says:

      Antlers! My dog loves the antlers split in half. Buy from as petco and pet food express are expensive. It keeps his teeth white and clean and more importantly occupied. Just beware. You’ll need to vacuum or sweep the bits left behind.

        • Connie says:

          Please, do Not let your dog chew on tree sticks…my neighbor dog died & autopsy showed nasty growth all over in his abdomen. I felt so bad for him. Be careful

          • Gary says:

            I have a 4 year old staff and i have bin told by the vets 2 stop giving him any type of toy or bones n stop letting him chew on sticks and grass, he is as soft as they come but he is big and very strong, he destroyes the strongest toys in mins, i spent £45 on 1 toy, he destroyed it in 10 mins, now i feel like he cant have fun like a dog should, i was thinking of gettin him a cricket ball, any suggestions welcome

        • Peg says:

          My 4 month old does same thing plants, hair, etc. has had defecating. Really worried. I watch her closely but its impossible to keep everything out of her mouth… any suggestions?

      • Anonymous says:

        I got my dog antler and she tore through it in just a couple hours the only thing that takes her a week or more to destroy is the nyla bones

    • Anonymous says:

      The Kong Extreme (they come in different colors/ different strengths) Jake has destroyed toys that were rated 9 out of 10 in toughness w/n 10 minutes. Im still waiting for him to put even a scratch on the Kong Extreme toy that I bought him two months ago. I bought them from Much cheaper than PetSmart ($15.00 less!!)

      • Mtucker says:

        Max destroyed his kong extreme in less than then a week . They were supposed to be the toughest brand out there but chuck it works so much better

        • Laura says:

          My son’s pup (she’s almost 1) destroyed her Kong Extreme in 3 days (full days while he was working). Came home to pieces everywhere.
          She’s also destroyed every form of Nylabone, rope toys, some “indestructible” tire toy. Starmark Everlasting Treats lasted an hour. Even my Great Danes never destroyed those.
          Chewed her way out of her standard dog crate so he now has a 5’ x 10’ x 5’ high chainlink dog enclosure in his apartment when he needs to ‘crate’ her.
          She’s mostly pitbull with a little Dane added.
          Only thing we’ve found that has lasted were elk, yak and deer antlers (deer break off pieces tho), and big beef marrow bones.
          Anyone found anything else for the ‘chewer with gusto’?
          I’m tempted to join but I’m afraid Sadie will not be challenged by anything in her box.

          • Anonymous says:

            I have a beagle-pug mix and she eats towels, plastic, dirt, chews on metal, eats through walls. Dog toys dont do it. Nyla bones last minutes. Deer anlters and kongs are all i have found for her yet

    • Anonymous says:

      Try tightly braided polar fleece material made into a rope- thinner fore small dogs and thicker for big dogs- tightly knotted at each end

    • Bonnie says:

      Pig hooves, I have heelers and they love to chew on everything! Pig ears last 10min but pig hooves, about a month or longer. And they love them!

    • Leesha says:

      Have you tried antlers? I used to have 3 pits, and 3 large antlers lasted us almost 6 months. I now have a great pyrenees puppy and have also started him on them

  3. Kimberly says:

    We have 2 rescue shepherds & there’s NOT a single toy that they haven’t completely destroyed. Sometimes I think it’s a competition for them

  4. L19ynn says:

    We purchased 2 Havanese puppies, they are now 7 months old. Its just double trouble. Potty training (good in the morning after being crated) but the rest of the day you have to watch them constantly. They do sit come and stary, but they don’t give any signs of wanting to go out. They won’t ring the bell I tried to teach them either. They have become destructive, eye glasses, hearing aides, false teeth,
    a chair just recently, climbing on chairs to get to table tops, its just chew, chew and more chewing. I believe we are doing something or everything wrong. They are loving companions and I don’t want to give up on them, but something has to be done, now! OMG

    • Anonymous says:

      I used to have an issue of my Chihuahua tearing his stuffed animals apart. I would sew the toy back up and give it back to him. Ten minutes later he had another tear in it with the stuffing pulled out all of the stuffing and just gave him the outer shell. I gave it back to him and he loved it. I reremembered seeing these stuffing free toys at PetCo. They cost about $15.99. Mine were free.

      • Donna says:

        I don’t understand why anyone gives their dogs soft stuffed fabric toys. Maybe for a young pup who is teething, but other than that, you are encouraging your dogs to chew fabric items, and they do not discriminate between stuffed fabric toys and your socks, pillows, cushions, etc. Kong Extreme is the closest I have ever found that stands up to aggressive chewers. If you give your dog fabric toys, you are the one at fault if they grow up thinking ripping up things is acceptable. Besides, the stuffing material can choke them, so think before purchasing or making some of those toys. (I am 68 and have owned dogs all my life, as well as doing animal rescue & shelter work.)

        • Donna says:

          I have a Min. Dachshund, his name is Dingo and he has very strong jaws and teeth and his teeth are very sharp,, He can take out a lot of anything they have out there. It takes a lot of training and patience ,to achieve what you want them to do, I have stuffed animals sitting around my hole house and pillows. Dingo only will touch his stuff ,he don’t touch anything that is mine. We got this little chair from a yard sale in great shape for 5 dollars,, Dingo is trained to get on his chair when he chews his treats or other snacks that I give him. When I give him something he knows it is his. He wont touch nothing that is not his.

    • Joy says:

      Maybe they are bored or have excess energy. Maybe increase their walks/exercise. We subscribe to a monthly box of toys/treats for our goldendoodles. They are very high energy and like to chew everything. Getting new, very durable toys every month keeps them more entertained.
      As for house training, we were very successful with giving a treat for every trip out. He learned quickly and would come back in and sit for his treat. Our other female dog was a nightmare to break. Persistency and her maturing finally paid off. Good luck!

    • Joan owens says:

      Your first mistake, getting 2 puppies at the same time. But since you did now you need to learn to work with them. At 7 months they are teething and exploring their environment. Teach them the word No, use it for any inappropriate behavior. From trying to dart out door (safety issue), to pi[y in house. Take them out every couple hours, i have taught mine to go out at the we odds “who wants to go out.” Sets off a dash for the door. Have a safe place for them to run. A t I red dog is a good dog. LAST you may want to hire Simone short term to work with your puppies. They are not the problem, so don’t give up on them. A dog or dogs is a lifetime commitment.

    • Joanne Freeman says:

      dogs get their final molars at about 10 months of age. I would suggest you cage or crate them. You could probably find a fence too which blocks them in a certain area and you can watch the little buggers. Limit the toys, otherwise they get the idea everything is chewable. I used “bully” sticks and had great success. They got them 3 times per day. Same time every day. Same as bedtime. Same time and crate them. You may want to crate them together until they get too big. I saw a nice kennel on what com county Facebook sales. OK. Good Luck

      • Donna says:

        It sounds to me like some dog owners just don’t LEARN about dogs before adopting them. Every breed is different……from personality to health issues to training to type of environment that is best…..READ some of the excellent books about dogs and dog care before you get a dog. Ask questions about the critter……don’t just fall in love with those eyes and assume all is well. I have done animal rescue all my life and have worked in animal shelters/sanctuaries. Animals are the most important thing in my life and their welfare always comes first, even before my own needs. Please learn as much as you can before you adopt ANY animal…..they are living beings who require love and care, and many will live long lifetimes if cared for properly.

    • Grace says:

      I”sm having the same problem am I doing some thing wrong I got Laya for a companion for my KyLo my problem is exjactly like yours I also had to buy a couch I’am beside me what to do.Grace

    • Gail says:

      L19ynn. Your note about destructive pups was quite a while ago -October. Have they gotten better with age. We have a 3 yr old Havanese…and he is a sweetie. We spent a yeAR in pup training. So worth it. He has some querks but he talks to us for h2o, play and potty needs. Let me know if you have a special problem…maybe I can help.

  5. Kathleen says:

    One of the best tips I ever received in regards to cheap chewies was from a friend of mine. Go to your local Goodwill and purchase stuffed animals that are between fifty cents and a dollar. Sure, the stuffing gets ripped out in a couple days, but the dogs are happy and the expense is minimal.

    • Elizabeth Davis says:

      I did that with my Poiinter until he was about 2-3 years old. By then, the toys were chewed up in a day and I started getting broke. I was giving him once a day large ones. My vet told me to stop, and use Nyla bones or cow hooves. They work great. On special occasions, I’ll buy him an antler.

  6. Paula Carlson says:

    DO NOT BUY SPOT DURA FUSED Leather Dog toys!!!! We just bought the Squirrel for our dog and it took him about ten minutes to chew off one of the ragged sharp edge corner of it and had my husband not got it out of his mouth he would have surely choked to death on Christmas Eve.

  7. Jay Cee says:

    I have a 1yr old beagle. He destroys toys in minutes and he likes to pull off the small parts and eats them. When I got him a rope toy, he didn’t tear it up, but he try’s to eat the strings on the end. I also bought him elk antlers that he loves to chew on. So far that’s working out.

  8. Maddie T. says:

    My dog will just chew and chew and chew any stuffed toy he sees. Also when I am doing the laundry and I end up with a detergent cup in the clean clothes, he will take it from me and chew it to pieces.

  9. Baylee M says:

    I have a 2 month old Lab Pei and she loves chewing on her toys, peoples hands and feet, and anything she can fit in her mouth. she is a handful and i’m having A LOT of trouble potty training her. any suggestions?

  10. Camisha says:

    My 9 month old pit mix is chewing on the floor we Harwood floors in our trailer and sometimes when we let him in our room and go to the living room he will chew the floor up and we gave him a comforter to sleep on in his cage and he ripped it apart, he sleeps in his cage when we are in bed and he wakes up at 4am and starts ripping on whatever he is sleeping on how do I get him to stop so I can sleep?

  11. Jeri says:

    we have a dog that must be a descendant from Cojo, only much smaller. Give him a couple of days & he’ll reduce a big rawhide chew bone to a gooey nugget. He also takes socks, shoes, slippers, & even clothes . He hoards them behind the couch. If you try to get them back, he’ll come at you like a junk yard dog. He is very smart but everything has to be his way. Have a shock collar but really don’t want to use it on him but don’t know what else to try.

  12. Terri says:

    In my infinite wisdom, I got two boxer puppies so they could grow up together. I didnt know what I was in for. They are adorable but they have chewed up everything in sight. I bought pig hooves, deer antlers, tennis balls, chew toys, etc to no avail. I have no patio furniture to on my patio, and my yard is getting torn up around the fences. They remind me of that movie where the dog was a terror. I think the movie was called, “Marli and Me. Anyway, I dont want to get rid of them but I dont know what to do.

    • Peg says:

      I believe the yard is no way going to substitute for exercise. You need to walk them on leash. My 4 year old Golden is learning commands. When she is being a maniac she will SIT. Of course I give her teeny piece of treat. Not much advice about digging. I have same problem!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have three dogs Lucy no and Gracie no is a year he has almost tore up his kong wich is a good brand it already has cracks in it we have had it for about 8 days

  14. Maggie Burns says:

    I have 2 heelers . 1 male 1 female. Had since 2 days old. They are almost 6. Well behaved and house broken by 6 weeks. Put pee per pads down when their eyes opened. After they started eating food, they both went to pads. They think I’m their mama because I am the only one since birth. They’re my babies.

  15. K says:

    My little girl chews through EVERYTHING. We’ve even gotten her Kong toys that are supposed to be as hard as possible and those toys that are made of fire hose material and toys that are supposed to be indestructible. All toys last her five seconds minimum and only 4 hours max, even with the hardest of toys. There doesn’t seem to really be a toy that lasts, is affordable and is something that’s able to keep her attention.

  16. Jeff says:

    My Aussies can cut thru just about any toy made in seconds. We found a brand of toy that they can chew all day with almost no damage. It’s simi hard rubberlike and comes with a great warranty. Some of the toys have lasted years. West paw dog toys:
    By far the most durable dog toys we have ever found. The zogoflex frog is their favorite. One of the Aussies can bite right thru the hardest Kong in minutes. She has managed to cut a leg off one of these. It took years and they replaced it for FREE!

    We are in no way associated with this company. Just caretakers of dogs with very sharp teeth.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I would love to put these to the test. My dog is a one year old Doberman. 65 lbs of pure muscle. She has eaten lights, walls, big heavy metal car models my daughter plays with, her bed, barbies, her tag on her collar after 2 hours. 14 day gurantee, ha. I dont think they will last 30 minutes. Shes definitely an insane power chewer.

  18. Vivian says:

    My dogs loves toys. I try not to buy toys with fillings. Toys with squeakers, they try to get out. They do have favorites that do not get destroyed.

  19. Kamon says:

    My bully trouble chewed a hole in both of my moms front tired on her car cause he didn’t wanna be on the chain we buy him the biggest bone to chew but he goes thru them so fast

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  21. Me says:

    My dog has destroyed Kong’s, tires, basket balls, socker balls, dashboard, pop cans, anything plastic or leather, and the bottle of bitter apple no chew spray. he is part staff shire terrier and t-Rex,

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