Top 10 Halloween Hound Getups!

Your dog loves Halloween as much as you do. Getting dressed up in a costume? Posing for pictures while everyone laughs and high fives their human friend? They love it.

While that may not be entirely true, your dog can’t vocally tell you otherwise, so we suggest you continue dressing your dog in the most creative, hilarious ways possible on October 31st.

The urge to do a countdown is too large… so we scoured Instagram to find the most amazing, absurd and creative costumes people have graced their four legged friends with.

Top 10 Hound Halloween Getups

#10 : When the tail-wagger in your life is dressed up as a super-hero – he plays the part & embraces the role… making Batman an obvious contender.

#9 : When you’re able to make the best of a rotten situation on Halloween, you grab that opportunity. He’s not impressed… but if he only knew just how clever it is, he’d probably have a change of heart.

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#8 : Cheap, creative and comfortable. What more could a dog want?

#7 : “I feel pretty…oh, so pretty.” Patience and beauty give this hound a deserved spot on our list.

#6: If you, as a dog are able to make the appropriate sound to accompany the costume – we’re impressed.

#5: When a Husky pulls off a hot dog costume better than a wiener dog, it should be acknowledged.

#4: We’re not sure how this Boxer’s human parents convinced them to keep this pig nose on his face, but we love it.

#3: We triple dog dare you to find a better looking Lion-Dog.

#2: Creativity, effort and natural ability to pull it off earned Waldo major bonus points!

#1: A dog skeleton!? Homemade!? They doesn’t even know they’re in costume?! Without a doubt – this had to top the list at number one for creativity and comfort.

There you have it, Bullymake’s Top 10 Hound Halloween Getups!

And don’t forget to spoil your pooch this Howl-O-Ween too! [See below].


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